The Siberian Diaries

We brought home our Siberian, Paley, from Tovik in Albany, OR on January 28th, 2011. This blog will document the pains and joys of raising and loving our new family member. We hope that some of you will find this useful and a saving grace (we all go through hard times with a new pup) and maybe some will just find it cute and fun. Enjoy reading!
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A hot day at the dog park in Minneapolis! Not much playing going on today.

Snow Dog!

Wow! It must be shedding season again. Thank you for your help, Furminator.

Paley’s foot fetish (i.e lying on Matt’s foot) continues…

New favorite hideout.

Passed out.

Someone loves their crate again. How random!

Paley has to have her dreaded cone back on. Not a fan.

Where’s Paley? Under the bed!

Exploring the willamette


Pic of the day:

On the way to Pacific City.

Pic of the day:

On the way to Pacific City.

Paley (about 7 months old) at Dogpatch

Paley just had her 8 month birthday and it was on that night she literally became a whiny little puppy all over again! Experts say this is about the age where they start adolescence and bad behavior should be expected around this time. Some of the behavior problems we’ve seen with Paley is whining at night (she has been sleeping downstairs for a month or so now and it’s been fine up until last night.), jumping up on the furniture and not behaving on walks. We expect it might get worse before it gets better so hopefully we get through this stage in her puppy-hood quickly! Last night was not fun for any of us but that last thing we were going to do was let her sleep on our bed upstairs!

Pic of the morning:  Paley on the bed.