The Siberian Diaries

We brought home our Siberian, Paley, from Tovik in Albany, OR on January 28th, 2011. This blog will document the pains and joys of raising and loving our new family member. We hope that some of you will find this useful and a saving grace (we all go through hard times with a new pup) and maybe some will just find it cute and fun. Enjoy reading!
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Paley can be so sweet.

And then she can be outright bad.

Today was a perfect example of the latter.

After spending most of the day with Kelsey at work (I had back-to-back meetings), I finally got a chance to see the little pup.  I brought her down to my work area around 5pm, where she proceeded to bark at the other dogs in my area.  Although she just wanted to play, this is extremely frustrating when I’m trying to do work.

After work I loaded Paley up in the car and took her to the Wallace Park Dog Park hoping to run her around and reward her with quality play time.

This was not to be.  Upon arriving, she bothered the first dog that she saw and was rewarded with a strong “stay away,” which scared her and sent her running for the gate.

But did she learn her lesson?  No.  She went and bothered the next two dogs, running straight at them and barking to play and was met with two more growls and baring of teeth.   Paley was not deterred and continued to harass the upset dogs.  I could tell this was bothering the other dog owners so I decided to grab Paley and put her on her leash.  But she was riled up and nipped at my hands - not excusable behavior!

When I removed her from the dog park, she plopped down on the ground and refused to walk.  Only the threat of me picking her up (her most hated thing) could get her to move.

Good thing Kelsey enrolled her in the next level of puppy training.  I think we’re going to need the help.

As I type, she’s fast asleep on the front door mat with an innocent smile on her face.  You would never know!  It’s still worth it but man there are hard days.

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